David Cameron, As A Stand Up Comedian.

Every time Cameron aka Camoron visits another piece of our green and pleasant land. I take a sharp intake of breath and wait for the next trite remark he will bestow upon us. In his visit to Dumfries  yesterday, he set a new record in his how low can you go campaign and gave us further insight into the mind of a man who has obviously not a clue into the real lives of others. His latest recommendation is that children should stand to attention when a parent or elder visits a room Von Trapper style.

Don’t get me wrong, I was brought up to respect my elders we stood up when a teacher came into the room. It was a bit of relief from double physics on a Friday afternoon. It is just the notion that such an act will promote good family values and social cohesion. Psychologists have a name for such a style of parenting. It is called authoritarian and is based on children having no part in any family decision making and expected to conform. Some social psychologists regard this parenting style as having as many faults as Laizzez Faire parenting where children have no rules or timetables and are left with little structure. As parents everything we do is subject to criticism and we get nothing right according to someone.

This is a government of anomolies, who want to dismantle the state and make the family the building block-without the perniciousness of state intervention but also want to create the happy nuclear family which only existed in the novels of Enid Blyton. Our families are different. They should be based on mutual respect. We should teach our children not by fear of sanctions but by setting a good example. I am proud my daughter is growing into a confident young woman who shows respect for others but knows her own mind too.

I wonder why Cameron chose Dumfries to share his latest dictum. The tories in those parts must be a particular inward looking bunch perhaps it’s the impact of having the Wickerman Festival on their doorstep i know lots of people from here who would be shocked. At least we can all see that Cameron is taking off his various masks and showing us his true colours. Life in the Cameron household must be so cosy with afternoon tea with nanny followed by an hour of playtime in the drawing room with mater et pater. David I don’t judge your family so please don’t think because I don’t expect my children to rise when I enter the room as a fault in my parenting skills. I am proud they feel at ease with me and if they stood up I would get them to the doctors for a check up ASAP!

I look forward to the day when sailor suits become mandatory wear for children aged between 1 and 18. This will mean an end to all social problems. Even better lets get a nanny to draw up matching play clothes from the front room’ s curtains. Let’s remember the words of that old hippy song and Teach Our Children Well. That’s all we can do. We need support not criticism from government. Lets embrace a society where all sorts of families are seen as worthwhile and can contribute. This should not be just based on what daddy and his chums do but acknowledgement that different is cool..



About sandrassp

I am the mum to two sons who both live with autism. I give glimpses into my life. All views are my own
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2 Responses to David Cameron, As A Stand Up Comedian.

  1. When capitalism replaced feudalism, the despotic form of politics which had dominated feudalism was displaced, creating the modern Oedipal family in which the father takes on the role of the feudal lord, the mother takes on the role of the contracted vassal, and the children become the ruled-over serfs. Capitalism today is approaching its terminal crisis – and so is the despotic, Oedipal family. Good times!

  2. Bill Scott says:

    Inward looking? More like in-breeding if you ask me.

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