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Readers, In a parallel Universe there is a version of me who studied Economics and Politics in University. I envy the other me as I wish I have more understanding of the way the world works and who pulls the stings. These become more evident in a day like today, the first day of the Tory Party Conference 2012. This is going to be a long week. At 7.30 this morning I had already got very angry indeed with a few choice words delivered by George aka Gideon.

I was up most of the night and had listened to Radio 5. It started with the Nolan show late last night. The Tories had announced housing benefit was to be stopped for the under 25s.They should stay at home until they could afford to stand on their own two feet. It finished when I heard Gideon’s diatribe about people on benefits.His voice was full of venom. He talked about people going across to work looking at the “blinded windows” of those lying in bed and depending on the state while the hardworking went to work and the resentment they must feel. I switched off after that. This is the typical divide and conquer politics we must expect of the fat cats that have so much to gain from the rest of us.

Lets remember that the uber rich hold on to their Capital at all costs. I was minded of this when watching Downtown Abbey. (please don’t tell anyone). The family upstairs are desperate to keep hold of their wealth which is bound up in their estate. Meanwhile the servants (below) are at their mercy. The uber rich want to pass onto their next generations the wealth and power and authority that comes with it. This is what capitalism means.

Today when listening to radio 5. An economist challenged Gideon with the remark that at least those on benefits put all they are given back into society by spending all the money for their needs. People on welfare benefits do not have an easy life with holidays abroad and money to spend on luxury goods. Most of the time they survive by living hand to mouth. Meanwhile the upper classes hold on to their wealth in a locksian duel with the devil.

The Telegraph announced today that 9 in 10 Scots are dependent on the state. They have included in this teachers, nurses and doctors. All who are paid by the state. Lets be honest, how many of us are truelly independent of anyone. That is Scotland’s talent a coming together to a place where we all support each other.Interesting reading and a new perspective to be shared by all those who make our welfare state a true safety net.

So on a day where I caught from the narrative voice of “Downtown” and the paternalistic rulers. I have begun to realise there is no such thing. The rich will always hold on to their chests stuck under the bed as Lockes and Hobbes would say. The rest of us? I believe that people are good. So in the dark times ahead, let’s not look as our neighbour on the other side of the street as an enemy but someone who is human like us in need of a job.Why are the windows shuttered? Because they are afraid of what is outside. Lets have a world where everyone can contribute and have the right to a decent working wage.


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I am the mum to two sons who both live with autism. I give glimpses into my life. All views are my own
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