Benefit Cap.


I hope the words of Cameron will come back to haunt him. I remember in the run up to the last elections those words along with his caring conservative face, “We will protect the most vulnerable” Having grown up under Thatcher, of course I know the truth but a tiny part of me hung on to the belief that maybe this was true. All right a bit of cognitive dissonance of on my part but surely the fact that Ivan stayed at home must have had some impact? Past generations of children like Ivan would have been sent to an institution out of sight out of mind. So just like a baby quilt I held on to that wee kernel of hope and then they were elected.

The road to today’s announcement is awash with the misery of many, victims in the blitzkrieg war on the poor the condems have…

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About sandrassp

I am the mum to two sons who both live with autism. I am an ambassador for NAS Scotland and co-spokesperson of the Scottish Socialist Party. I am passionate about my politics both upper and Lower key, the arts in general and like to comment on everything that shapes my landscape. I am a mature student and have begun to dabble my toes into writing. I blog about family life and my day to day experiences. My philosophy is Up and At them and Always with a smile on my face.
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