RIP Margo McDonald.

RIP Margo McDonald.

I was very young when Margo burst into politics. She was extraordinary to me there were so few woman involved in party politics that she stood out. She was beautiful, gallus and spoke like me. I had never heard of Scottish Independence before but she made it a reality to me. As a wee girl I thought I could have a voice too.
This picture was taken in September some representatives of political parties gathered in Edinburgh to start the countdown to a Year to go to YES. Margo arrived and immediately filled the room with her personality. I was slightly in awe and said to her how her speech at the Independence Rally had been inspirational. “Ach” she said. “No I wasn’t. I was in a hurry to get to the football.” It was obvious that among all the other politicians in the room she was respected and loved and that was the special thing about her that people from all different persuasions mourn her passing.

Tony Benn may have been a giant but Margo was a titan who has contributed so much to Scottish life and politics. I may not have agreed with all her points of view but I respected the energy and passion she put into campaigning for her causes.
Her passing has affected us all today and we all feel a sense of loss.
It seems sad that she will not be here to see the Independent Referendum which she fought for all her life but as a YES campaigner I will be thinking of her when I am chapping on doors and hope to ensure we win Scottish Independence. What a legacy for Margo and us all.
My thoughts are with all her family and all who loved her. Jim Sillars her husband especially is in my thoughts. Tonight I remember myself as a wee lassie being inspired by a woman who has always stood head and shoulders above the politicians in grey suits. We will never see her like again but those who follow on will continue to build on the legacy she has left behind. I know I can speak for all my comrades in the SSP and be thankful for the support she gave us. I have heard so many stories about her today and they made me smile and cry. She will live on in our hopes that her dream of Scotland becoming a nation becomes reality.

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I am the mum to two sons who both live with autism. I give glimpses into my life. All views are my own
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