It is just over a week since the Self Directed Support Bill Scotland became law. This is sold to us as personal choice, flexibilty, however what is happening in Glasgow City Council should be a warning to us all. It is not surprising really these are the out of touch idiots who think blowing up the Red Road flats as part of the Commonwealth extravaganza is a good idea. We carers have had our eye on them since they closed the Accord Day Centre to make way for a car park for the same games.

SDS should be good but it should not take the place of direct services. However that is what Glasgow City Council are doing closing day services and offering personal budgets which are not adequate to empower folk to pay for decent services. I expected the first headline about SDS might be from a user’s perspective but unfortunately the Daily Fail got in there first. Now I don’t read this but my bairns’ granny does. I have tried to help her stop but it is addictive. The headline today was the usual “Junkies get free holidays:

This is a usual Daily Fail headline along with “troubled youths” getting sent on safaris. Lucky them eh? Reading on it was just another perplexed in Pittrodie story about Self Directed Supports and how anyone with addiction issues, as long as they have a social worker can get four weeks holiday a year. Before you consider a life of addiction let me tell you how amused people who are finding their feet in SDS find this. Folk having to learn accountancy skills and present their case to a board of professionals on why they need so much day care and respite. It is exhausting and sometimes humiliating. We do it though so those we love can remain at home longer. As for four weeks holiday, four weeks on the Costa with a good PA is cheaper than a week’s respite from some providers.
This picture was taken last year at a demo against day centre closures in Glasgow. That should be the real headline and shocking news. Instead we get nothing more than the same old divide and conquer narrative from the Daily Fail keen to carry out their masters’ bidding. I look forward to the accompanying radio 5 phone in which will no doubt follow quickly once oor Katie Hopkins starts tweeting her outrage. Honest you couldn’t make this up. Dear reader please always look beyond the tabloids. Stuart Hall the sociologist said the media mirror our society. I truly hope not.

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I am the mum to two sons who both live with autism. I give glimpses into my life. All views are my own
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