On personal attacks Jim Murphy and the YES campaign

I must admit to be astonished at Jim Murphy’s words on television a few minutes ago that I felt compelled to write an immediate response. Very unlike me Sandra the Queen of Pedanticism. He claims the Referendum campaign is getting nasty now with personal attacks. He may have some justification after recently being egged not a pleasant thing and nothing I would condone but to blame the wider YES campaign for orchestrating the actions of an individual? Sorry Mr Murphy but you are very wrong.

The YES campaign is no longer in the hands of a few politicians or even an office in Hope Street. It is made up of 1000s of ordinary folk. We are not a malicious group who orhanize the egging of a politician but peace activists, carers, ordinary men and woman caught up in the wave of optimism about how beautiful we know an Independent Scotland could be. We have won the higher ground with the power of our positivity.

So hearing Mr Murphy today filled me with confidence that we are winning and project Fear are worried so they paint us as some evil organization when we are a rainbow alliance who have found our voices and confidence. They must know their attempt to blackmail folk into voting NO is failing. We are winning folks.

So I am smiling today. A few more days to go and the smell of victory is in the air. No wonder they fear us. We will not resort to their dirty tricks. They are desperate but we know who we are and how beautiful an Independent Scotland can be. Especially my vision of a beautiful rainbow of a people’s socialist republic. So please keep on speaking Jim because every time you do, you persuade more folk to vote YES. So looking forward to the referendum and the kinder fairer society which I will continue to campaign for. Westminster has had its chance it is time for a new way.


About sandrassp

I am the mum to two sons who both live with autism. I give glimpses into my life. All views are my own
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