It was reported yesterday in the Paisley Daily Express that despite the opening of the brand new hospital at the Southern General, the children’s ward at the RAH is to remain open. We grassroots activists are happy. I remember attending the very first “consultation” meeting at the RAH and being told the ward would be closed in a year. Here below is a report of the meeting I wrote at that time.


Attended a steering group meeting to save the RAH Kids ward now know as KNOW Kids Need Our Ward. On October the 18th the board will meet in Gartnaval to decide whether to make this preconsultation meeting a formal consultation. This could lead to the closure of the ward in August 2013.. As part of the campaign I was asked to collect some stories and comments about people’s personal stories of the ward. I know everyone probably has one all my friends do. Would you be able to help? Don’t need to give your name just your family’s experience. Renfrewshire Carer’s Centre Parents’s support group have also organised a meeting for Monday the 14th of September between 12 and 2 with doctors involved in the community consultation. Hope you can make it.

It’s so so crucial that we get the campaign going. I would love on the 18th of October that the board votes NO and it’s crucial that they know that everyone in Renfrewshire and beyond will not let the ward be closed.We need a happy ending for this story…This has to be a community effort with local groups offering their support I wondered if any groups I am involved with would offer their support. It’s so crucial that carers and organisations stand up together.. For example the KNOW campaign are in solidarity with Helen McCourt and the carers of the Accord Day Centre in the East End of Glasgow.

My favourite phrase is up and at them…. again this is a raising my head above the parapet moment for me, but we need to stand together to secure the future of ward 15 for all our children.As carers we are exhausted getting through everything life throws at us, but we are also the bestest people in the world with love and compassion in our hearts for others.So please get in touch and if you have any ideas for publicity? Bernie Collins, I wondered if Marie could write a song get it on you tube? use her talents like Dan has contributed his amazing artwork? So Up and At them my friends.

Sandra xxxx

So yesterday we celebrated we had won. I fear however that in an election year would any political party be silly enough to close a   service for children. The 2015 General Election and the Hollyrood elections loom. Many politicians are finding time to visit their constituencies again.The KNOW campaign was truly a cross party group made up of mostly local people but politicians also supported us. It was us who protested at

Health Board Meetings, gathered signatures, organized public meetings. We are grateful for all who helped us we know who you are and thank you. When politicians say they saved the ward we remember who turned up to our campaigns and smile to ourselves. We do not think this is the end. A brand new shiny hospital will be opening in the next two weeks. We may have won the battle but not the war. We will be watching and waiting for the next suggestion of closure. To those who say it was their actions alone who saved the ward, we know differently and if you want our vote in the upcoming election don’t use this as if it was you alone who saved the ward. We who all worked together know better. As your voters we will remind you and let our neighbours know too.


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I am the mum to two sons who both live with autism. I give glimpses into my life. All views are my own
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