The Way Ahead a new movement for Scotland.


Like most of my comrades, I felt rejuvenated at being at the SSP conference. The motions were inspiring and well thought out. The good thing about our party is that debate is encouraged and National Councils and Conferences are a highlight for ordinary members who work so hard in their branches and truly share common values with me. I would like to remind ordinary members that they are also welcome as observers at our monthly ECs where those elected at conference have to make decisions with the consent and trust of the wider party. I am proud that we are open and inclusive and all of our structures are transparent.

At conference we voted to enter negotiations with the Scottish Left project, We heard passionate discussion on both sides where people laid themselves bare but were prepared to do that for the debate and to inform others. We heard from…

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About sandrassp

I am the mum to two sons who both live with autism. I am an ambassador for NAS Scotland and co-spokesperson of the Scottish Socialist Party. I am passionate about my politics both upper and Lower key, the arts in general and like to comment on everything that shapes my landscape. I am a mature student and have begun to dabble my toes into writing. I blog about family life and my day to day experiences. My philosophy is Up and At them and Always with a smile on my face.
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