Behaving ourselves: Salmond, Soubry and words as weapons

A Thousand Flowers


A Guest Post by Sandra Webster

Now before I start, let me reiterate my dislike of all things Tory. I spent a mis-spent youth booing at them and not in a Father Ted “Down with this sort of thing” way either. Language can be a weapon in the right circumstances and a tool of oppression. That is why I try to be careful when I speak these days, though I am aware we all make mistakes.

Yesterday, Alex Salmond used language against Anna Soubry that I find offensive and demeaning. He called her “demented” then told her to display an example to newer members of the house and uttered “behave yourself woman.” Alex Salmond has been a member of both the Scottish Parliament and Westminster for a long time. He is praised for his eloquence, I think that is why I found the use of his terminology so saddening.


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I am the mum to two sons who both live with autism. I give glimpses into my life. All views are my own
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