Business as usual for Gideon and chums

I have to give Gideon Osbourne credit where it is due. He is a master of the alchemy of economics. We expected today that more austerity would be piled on top of us, instead out of the cauldron he announced that the tax credit cuts were cancelled. Good news, but the reality is it is just business as usual.

The tax credits cuts may be cancelled but that was going to happen anyway as the behemoth of Universal Credit rolls in by 2020. Gideon says there will still be cuts of 12 billion in welfare in this government. What this means 1s the poor and most vulnerable will be picked off quietly. The Labour party have already agreed to these.

Most worrying for me is the proposed Care Tax, Osbourne’s own words. A 2% levy on top of the existing council tax on those councils who provide care. Let’s that sink in. Only on council’s that provide care. Most if not all provide support to the young, the vulnerable, people with disabilities. It is part of our society. The Tory’s shrinking state sees these services as an optional extra, if not Council’s will have to ask folk for extra money. This is part of Thatcher’s vision in her own words a country where there is no society.

For those facing further poverty, asking for extra money will just cause further divide and conquering and continuing stigmatization of those the most need of support. So although they cheered, threw papers into the air when the news about tax credits were announced nothing has changed. A continuing shrinking state, and 12 billion cuts in this government’s term.

There is much we need to campaign for especially getting organized to fight against the Care Tax and any other additional costs. How long til we get an education tax? So sigh nothing has changed. Please see beyond the Tory lies and remember for them it is business as usual. They may have laughed at the little red book but their little blue book is much more sinister.


About sandrassp

I am the mum to two sons who both live with autism. I give glimpses into my life. All views are my own
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