The prestige of George Osbourne was to pull out of the hat the announcement on Spending review day that tax credits would not be reduced as was feared by many. However he promised to continue to make 12 billion pounds in cuts to benefits and where there is a will there is a way. This time though the tories have hit an all time low by another attack on families with disabled children.

We all know of the Universal Credit scheme which was first mooted by Frank Fields of the Labour party. With their majority and because of the money already invested in it is is full steam ahead. New claimants already have to apply for this and it is expected to be rolled out UK wide in 2021.Along with phrases such as “making work pay”, and “getting tough on those on those not in work”, this will mean a monthly payment capped to include housing benefit and council tax. When it was announced Ian Duncan Smith said families with children with disabilities would be exempt. Those of us affected breathed a sigh of relief. Perhaps the government understood that there are additional costs bringing up a child or an adult dependent with disabilities.

It has caused a great deal of concern when charities supporting those with disabilities announced that Ian Duncan Smith quietly and without fanfare has decided to change the goalposts. Early in 2017 Universal credit will be digitally launched in a few areas. All claimants including existing ones, and families of children with disabilities will have to claim universal credit instead of the existing tax credits and income support. Unfortunately one of these areas is in Scotland in the town of Musselburgh on the East Coast. It is expected that everyone will be on Universal Credit by 2021.

Contact A Family whose patron is Samantha Cameron have already raised their grave concerns. We who already fear “brown envelope syndrome”, are truly fearful of how the quality of life of our children will be impacted on. The Tories have lied to us after all we are a marginalized group, who will fight our corner?

The SSP condemns the actions of this government who have no mandate in Scotland. condemns the government for the lies they told when saying they would protect the most government. I am asking my comrades to support families in campaigning against this latest attack. Merry Christmas from the Tory party. The families in Musselburgh may be the first affected but Universal credit for families with disabled children coming soon to your area. It is time to fight this  latest but not last cruel Tory cut. Please get in touch via the website for any further message and please share this information. I am going to be affected and I am worried about my childrens future I know you will be too. For a kinder fairer society always.


About sandrassp

I am the mum to two sons who both live with autism. I give glimpses into my life. All views are my own
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