Dear Mr. IDS

Dear Ian,

I was reading today about your plans to make people on ESA work ten hours a week at something they are able to do for at least 10 hours a week or risk losing their benefits. I sighed and remembered when I worked in a day centre where folk crushed cans as a form of employment. It was done away with as it was seen as demeaning. I would like to know how you will find meaningful work for my friend’s bairns and those of us are too ill.

Today the work capability assessment test was described as “binary” by you. I wish you could hear some of the stories that folk have suffered due to WCAs which cost the public purse billions too. A woman amputee taken off a life long award of DLA for example. I know the language you will use, “We are condemning people to a life without work”, is one of your favourite phrases.

I am ill and I do work as a carer to my sons who both live with autism. I live with several major health conditions which limit my life. I may be able to tap away today but I will pay for it tomorrow in some way. Recently I have seen many fellow carers talking about their health and the impact caring has on it. We contribute 10 billion pounds in unpaid care but we are seen as scroungers.

Like many I   dread the brown envelopes, sometimes the admin can get on top of me and I worry with a capital W. I know I am not alone. I remember when David Cameron was elected. He promised to protect the most vulnerable. I have seen little evidence of this without a public outcry. Your main emphasis is apparently going to be on those with mental health conditions. We are an easy target and already stigmatized without the media lash you outpour on us.

I remember when you visited Bob Holman at Easterhouse. I have great respect for Mr. Holman as a poverty activist who lives in the community. You came away with an “ephihany” It was not to Mr Holman’s liking though he openly criticized you and your misinterpretation of his facts. I hope folk will now see enough is enough and make an outcry about this. Forcing the most ill to go to work? Shame on you IDS. You need to go out and talk to real people. In fact why not pop in for a chat and I can tell you a few things about living in poverty.

I don’t understand where your seeming hatred has started why not encourage the richest to pay their taxes.I don’t want any more suicides, or people to die when they are passed fit for work. I notice you avoid a reply when asked these questions. I want a kinder, fairer, society Do you?



About sandrassp

I am the mum to two sons who both live with autism. I give glimpses into my life. All views are my own
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