Square pegs in square holes.

This is not the language I would use to describe my beautiful boys. It was used yesterday by an educational psychologist to describe Callybally. He has transitioned to High School from an autism base in a small school to High school. From me as his mum I can see he has lost some of his sparkle. Moving from a base class of six to being expected to attend a class of 30 albeit with support has taken its toll.

We try to support him  at home with plenty of down times, routines and boundaries but it is terrible to see your child suffer. The title of this article is from the mouth of an educational psychologist. Cally is so bright. He came into the meeting and talked about muskets he has been learning about in history. (Am a pacifist by the way). For those of you on FB who follow “The wisdom of Callybally” know he is a deep thinker and is always thinking outside the box.

He is a lucky boy with his placement and I know he is well supported but he is falling through the gaps. I see so much potential in him, so much original thoughts but I fear the education system will stamp him out of it. The psychologist was at pains to describe how great the special needs system is in our Local Authority but we have young people like Callybally who they can’t meet his needs due to his autism and other conditions but they say he is too bright for special needs. I felt a bit blackmailed when he said that young people in the secondary school of a school my other son attends learn p1 at secondary level. I disputed this but the answer was do you want your child to be part of this peer group? I felt I was being emotionally blackmailed.

Anyhow my concerns are always about my children. When I arrived for the meeting he had been sleeping. This has an adverse impact on his routine. They have adapted the curriculum and will be monitoring what happens. School is stressful for children with ASN but why should they be described as square pegs expected to fit into square holes not round ones for a change.

First blog for a while but I will be blogging more. Apologies for the moan but I know most of you will understand. No more square or round pegs just a better education system that fits around our childrens’ need and is individualized. That is all I want for both of my sons.


About sandrassp

I am the mum to two sons who both live with autism. I give glimpses into my life. All views are my own
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