We were due to  go on our Summer Hols this week. We had booked a beautiful cottage near where friends live. However I have found this year especially, life gets in the way sometimes. I found myself in the situation of  knowing I would not manage a week away with the boys by myself. Surely a holiday is just what I need but I know my carer friends understand when I just could not go. I am ill myself and would love to sit and read and drink lashings of ginger beer but I just could not manage. You know I am quite proud of myself a year ago I would have gone but one of the lessons I have learned in the past year  is self care. Sometimes it is difficult to adult.

I wanted my boys to have a wee break so we booked a coach trip. Before you scoff it is cheap, easy travel and fun experiences. We went on a trip which took in Holy Isle, Beamish and Durham. As you know I am a bit of a geek, rarely buy things for myself but I got a pair of Avengers trainers in the spirit of “Avengers Assemble”. Iron Man I can do without but A Hulk Smash, A Thor Hug and Captain Marvel by my side would be great. I am lucky to have real life avengers.

I mention the shoes because I will never forget some of the spirituality they soaked up in the past two days. A trip to the tranquillity of Holy Isle, a visit to Beamish which is on my bucket list and Durham a beautiful city. On the bus I felt we were sailing through history and the trip and memories are stored up in my trainers. When I look at them I will smile and remember where I have been. I hope the boys have happy sunny days memories of us all being together. A short but so sweet trip full of memories money cannot buy. Shower the people you love with love and show them the way you feel. Most importantly tell them. Love to you all. Imagine me writing about a pair of trainers……


About sandrassp

I am the mum to two sons who both live with autism. I give glimpses into my life. All views are my own
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