Today is Hiroshima Day where we commemorate a crime against humanity. It was the weapon that was to stop all wars but we know the military and scientific community just wanted an excuse to drop the Atomic Bomb saying the Japanese would not surrender So rather than use diplomatic efforts drop the bomb and kill thousands,  make millions fear.

I have become death, the destroyer of worlds” Oppenheimer the daddy of the bomb is reputed to have said. Channeling his inner Shiva. Do you know according to calculations the Earth’s atmosphere may have caught fire but they tested it anyway. The dropping of the bomb has changed us all forever and not for the better. All those affected from the shadows of humans burnt into the ground due to a heat hotter than the sun, the victims who still die today, the cold war kids who lay awake listening to a solitary plane in the night fearful, to all of us who worry about  the taunts and rhetoric of politics both nationally and internationally.

I was a cold war kid brought up in the then American Air Base of Leuchars. Now I live in Paisley as the crow flies a few miles from Faslane. I am a cheery person but images and dreams haunt me now and then of cuddling my family while we wait for nuclear oblivion. I am concerned for the survivors, those rich and powerful in their shelters and those who will live another day. What will society be like? There are popular games such as Fallout where you have to survive the oblivion if only we could have a VR war.

I had to have a difficult conversation with my son yesterday. He was worried about radiation and knows a family member is going to start radiotherapy soon. What will it do to their body he asked. His dad and I tried to reassure him this was a medical treatment which would help but he has watched enough YouTube alas to see nuclear radiation after a weapon was used. So I spent the evening reassuring him and used youtube to show the difference. He has autism so seeing pictures is best for him rather than words. I felt so sad I have tried to protect my children from the fear I had but they like many others are experiencing it now too.

So tonight he will not be walking with Renfrewshire CND to the beautiful Peace Garden but like many who cannot make the walk imagine a world of peace. They are the superheroes who have the power to make the world a kinder place so please don your cape and assemble anywhere you are in the true hope Enough Is Enough. Surround ourselves with a blanket of peace . If you can make it Renfrewshire CND will be meeting today at 5pm at Barshaw Park car park to walk to the Peace Garden. There are memorials all over so look and see. Just imagine how much these evil weapons cost and how the cost could be used for us all. Love to you all. xx









About sandrassp

I am the mum to two sons who both live with autism. I give glimpses into my life. All views are my own
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