I am mum to two sons, who both live with autism. I am an ambassador for NAS Scotland and co-spokesperson of the Scottish Socialist Party. I am passionate about my politics, both upper and lower case, the arts in general and like to comment on everything that shapes my landscape. I am a mature student and have begun to dabble in writing. I blog about family life and my day to day experiences. My philosophy is “Up and At Them!” and always with a smile on my face.

The Scottish Socialist Party is Scotland’s socialist party that stands for the transformation of society. We fight to replace capitalism with socialism; an economic system based on social need and environmental protection rather than private profit and ecological destruction.

We believe we can make a better Scotland, where every state school child eats a nutritious, free lunch every day of the working week; where pensioners receive a decent income with access to well-funded, free public services; where families are housed in warm, secure homes near green spaces and schools and shops; where refugees are welcomed and given the right to work and make a new life here, to the benefit of us all; where war is an ugly memory; where energy is sustainable and nationalised; where we protect instead of destroy our environment; and where expanded, fare-free and publicly-owned train, bus and ferry services link every community in Scotland, from the heart of Glasgow to the shores of the Outer Hebrides.


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