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46. Mental Health Awareness Week

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 44. Summer holidays

Up with the lark, quick breakfast and out to play by 9am. Hide and seek, kerby, climbing trees and riding bikes. If you were lucky, a trip to the local swimming pool and a hot chocolate on the way …

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You don’t look autistic. Yes I do. You don’t act autistic though. Yes I do. Yeah, but you’re not like “properly” autistic. Yes I am. You can make eye contact. Yes I ca…

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Little sign of progress.

Inspired by Autism

Feeling quite disappointed and disillusioned with the Autism Strategy in Argyll. Today’s meeting was cancelled and they have not met since November. The next meeting is the end of March. A year ago they relaunched the strategy with promises of real action. Nationally we were 5 years into a 10 year strategy. The Scottish Government then decided to reframe the goals ( that they had failed to achieve) into very vague outcomes. So far it has produced another written plan and well nothing really. Taking a four month break sends out all the wrong messages to people living with autism regardless of the reasons.
Today an advert for this event by Autism Network Scotland has been circulated. The people at ANS are very good people and in my opinion very knowledgeable people. It is extremely difficult to cater for the geographic challenges of Argyll and the limitations and lack of…

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43. Tipping point

Tipping point. We all have one. That point where enough is enough, where you’ve reached your absolute limit but the pressure keeps building. I think ours is different from most. We already de…

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The Fight goes on!

On my way back to work today after a period at home and I’m in a reflective mood. During my time off I have been involved in several DLA applications and appeals for children with autism. Ret…

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A Scot’s Lament fur her American Fellows (Oan their election of a tangerine gabshite walloper).

America, aw whit ye dain?! How could ye choose a clueless wain Ti lead yir country? Who wid trust A man sae vile?! A racist, sexist eedjit Wi a shite hairstyle? Yet lo, ye votit (michty me!) Ti haw…

Source: A Scot’s Lament fur her American Fellows (Oan their election of a tangerine gabshite walloper).

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Being a sandwich filling.

So now I am a sandwich carer. It is a new term to me but means as well as caring for my two sons with autism, I support my mother in law who has dementia.

Her illness has been sudden,. She lies on the sofa. This time last year she was out and about engaging with the world. I feel as if I am on the shore watching her swim off to uncharted territory. I wish I had a rope to bring her back. The nan who gave me so much support when the boys were younger. Instead she asks, “How do I know you Sandra?.” I answer with a tear in my eye.

She cared for her elderly parents and husband. She deserves a rest but dementia is cruel. She only has a son so I try my best to help. To be honest I feel squished like a sandwich filling. I have my boys to care for. It is awful to see someone you care for become so dependent. A good friend said to me that they thought autism was difficult until they encountered dementia and now I understand.

The next year will be a challenge. I have a few battles to fight but my mother in law (even though she is not) wiĺl be given all the help I have the strength to give. I know my boundaries but this situation is impacting on me already. I wish I could do more.

The historian Barbara Hepworth described caring S being carried out by mostly exhausted women and she is right but we do what we do because we are kind and with love but how long can we go on?

Much love to you all and will post more positive blogs in 2017. Take care and lots of love to my fellow carers.







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