Before I write this I ponder why? Well I am writing this for all those with continent problems and those who offer them support. Yesterday the news was awash (pardon the pun), with news stories about baby wipes and the problems they cause in drains. The needs of those who require them for medical use were brushed aside. Well I do not want my son to be issued with a document g because of a medical condition he needs them. Where should used ones go? I think it is the responsibility of the NHS. We have so much clinical waste and our bins are going to a three weekly cycle. I am dreading this and our ability to dispose of it.

Why should folk feel they have to justify why they use them? They should not. Bowel disorders alone are difficult to live with. They are great for babies and great for when you go out. Someone suggested a wet cloth would be as much good but when the person you care for needs at least one bed change, towels plus everyone else’s washing it becomes an issue. How do you take a wet towel out on a trip?


Rather than place the onus on individuals criticise the manufacturers and place the cost on them. We are on the verge of a war and “experts” who have probably never offered support in the bubbles of academia make recommendations rather than see what is needed and gives basic dignity which is what I want for my son and all our sons and daughters. They even make cleaning wipes now. For those of us without hired help even though we need it, such items make life a little easier.


And that is what I want us all to be kind, more considering of different needs, and get things we need rather than have to justify them. Sadly this society is not going in that direction. We understand a child’s continence needs but not an adult’s. As someone pointed out on FB they are preparing for war while talking about wipe use. These small things mount up and impact on our lives. but let’s put the costs on the manufacturer and above all give my son give those with bowel disorders some dignity.





About sandrassp

I am the mum to two sons who both live with autism. I give glimpses into my life. All views are my own
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