Slight Returns.

As I write today we are nearing the end of a short break in Perthshire. Andy is at respite and has been on my mind on and off. The normal guilt around going away has been dulled somewhat by sheer t…

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Loneliness: the secret circle of hell

Vaery moving blog by Gordon. Lonliness is indeed a weĺl. A murky place, a bubble.

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7428137392_2f7c91274c_b Picture: The lonely runner, by Nick Kenrick on Flickr

“We cannot cope alone,” wrote George Monbiot in his essay on the age of loneliness, published in The Guardian two years ago. Human beings are social animals: we crave the support, approval and love of like-minded individuals. But society in the last 50 years has become steadily more atomised, with a relentless focus on individual success. The Olympics have been reduced to the singularity of winning – silver medallists cry tears of rage and act as if a close relative has died, just because one person out of thousands performed slightly better than them at an arbitrary task. We commiserate with losers rather than celebrate their contribution to the spectacle. There is no solidarity with, or appreciation for, a worthy adversary. And so it is in society: performance is paramount, failure is shameful and social status depends on meeting somebody else’s…

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Renfrew Town Hall Protest. What I saw on my day out.

 I was at the Scottish Cabinet’s meeting in Renfrew Town Hall yesterday along with some comrades from the SSP. We were there to support the No To NATO Scotland campaign. They are amazing peop…

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The Cliff Edge

It was Steven’s annual Care Plan Review yesterday. The first one carried out by the new social worker. I’ve met her a couple of times about the housing issue but she hadn’t met St…

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Named Person- 5 concerns.

Warning this blog could be interpreted as political ! It is not intended as such. I am simply offering some observations that I believe are in the best interests of my autistic son and many others.…

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‘I don’t like this place, Daddy’

DUNDEE SUWN WEEKLY REPORT, 4-8 JULY, 2016 ‘I DON’T LIKE THIS PLACE DADDY’ Bairns can be very perceptive, as the above comment, fae a wee mite emerging fae the gloom of Dundee jobc…

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Legitimising Death in a Care Chair

Six months on from the Mazars report into the unexpected, uninvestigated deaths of 1000s of patients in the care of Southern Health and where are we when it comes to the deaths of people with learn…

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