Before I write this I ponder why? Well I am writing this for all those with continent problems and those who offer them support. Yesterday the news was awash (pardon the pun), with news stories about baby wipes and the problems they cause in drains. The needs of those who require them for medical use were brushed aside. Well I do not want my son to be issued with a document g because of a medical condition he needs them. Where should used ones go? I think it is the responsibility of the NHS. We have so much clinical waste and our bins are going to a three weekly cycle. I am dreading this and our ability to dispose of it.

Why should folk feel they have to justify why they use them? They should not. Bowel disorders alone are difficult to live with. They are great for babies and great for when you go out. Someone suggested a wet cloth would be as much good but when the person you care for needs at least one bed change, towels plus everyone else’s washing it becomes an issue. How do you take a wet towel out on a trip?


Rather than place the onus on individuals criticise the manufacturers and place the cost on them. We are on the verge of a war and “experts” who have probably never offered support in the bubbles of academia make recommendations rather than see what is needed and gives basic dignity which is what I want for my son and all our sons and daughters. They even make cleaning wipes now. For those of us without hired help even though we need it, such items make life a little easier.


And that is what I want us all to be kind, more considering of different needs, and get things we need rather than have to justify them. Sadly this society is not going in that direction. We understand a child’s continence needs but not an adult’s. As someone pointed out on FB they are preparing for war while talking about wipe use. These small things mount up and impact on our lives. but let’s put the costs on the manufacturer and above all give my son give those with bowel disorders some dignity.




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Part of our experience of being human is communication, the chance to get out of the box and be transported. To meet with new people you normally would not meet in the personal bubbles our lives are becoming. By meeting different people we learn more about what being human and comradeship is.

There are very few artifacts about when we made that great leap forward as a species. Mostly we imagine, imprint our modern day attitudes onto how people lived. One of the earliest and enduring are cave paintings. I have to admit about being fascinated by these beautiful images. Handprints stories of hunts. They have survived and speak to us today. The people who drew them did so to communicate. I imagine the beginnings of language and society. People telling stories around a fire making shadows on the wall to entertain. I may be wrong though, maybe these are the works of petulant teenagers well before the invention of posters and tacks decorating the walls.There I go again, 21st century girl However they make me imagine and I am all the better for these flights of fancy.

The arts help our health be it singing in a community choir, a spoken word event. I would argue they are more affective than a course of CBT sometimes. It is sad to see them being cut then as budgets are slashed. I watched at the weekend in dismay at the weekend hearing about the proposed cuts in Stirling which may mean the closure of The Smith Institute and Big Noise. Elspeth King ex curator of the People’s Palace in Glasgow is now the curator of The Smith. I remember in the eighties sitting in awe of Elspeth wishing I had the courage to talk about the amazing space celebrating working class history. It was a favourite haunt. Just last year Big Noise had a concert highlighting the skills of the young musicians who have had the chance to learn an instrument. It is based on a South American project and is based in the Raploch. Both these places are to lose their funding as Stirling Council and Creative Scotland have to make cuts.

The Arts are an easy target. Money has to be found for services so what does the cut to a local art activity mean? I raised my children in poverty. My daughter’s life was enriched by being a chorister in The Abbey Choir, drama classes and musical tuition. The tuition was free but there were lots of extra costs, the drama group was expensive but she learned so much and as a young carer these activities gave her a break from her caring role. The Arts are not just about “high art” but for all. In London we passed The Royal Concert Hall it was an opening night and people came out of Bentleys wearing furs and dripping with jewellery. I know how expensive the seats are and hope the audience had a good time but the old saying of John Lennon playing the Palladium with the Beatles in the sixties came back to me. “Would those in the front row rattle their jewellery. I must add that Scottish Opera does have good concessions. If you are lucky you can get a ticket for a fiver and it is a wonderful spectacle. In Italy Opera is not just the confines of the better off but enjoyed by many.

The Arts are for everyone they nourish our souls, they challenge our viewpoints. They teach us about issues we may never have thought of before. This is why I signed the letter regarding the cuts to disability theatre. One of the groups facing a funding crisis is Birds Of Paradise. I remember 25 years ago (ouch). One of their first performances was The Snow Queen. The actors all had a learning disability. I still remember the young woman who played Gerda she was amazing but everyone was involved. It  was amazing to see. My friend Kevin joined them very early on, it was a whole new world to him. It is not just about the performance though it is the workshops educating an audience and at its heart empowerment.

I think of people like Darren Loki McGarvey and Rachel Jury who give voices to those not always listened too. I think about Create in Paisley a group of young people in Paisley who are involved in so many creative projects with young folk. My daughter volunteers with them, has been on a youth exchange to Slovenia she is giving back a little of what she knows are important.

That is why I am saying the Arts and libraries are not an optional extra but a vital spark in our communities especially. Those who face barriers should get support to enjoy and snatch an hour pr so to meet with friends, to sing to paint, to write. For me watching a play or reading a book are respite. I can escape to other worlds and imagine. Imagination is what makes us human and keeps us warm. I wonder what 25th century girl will make of us? Recording that is part of what art is all about. No more cuts to local communities make us resilient and listen to the voice of those who perform and become a participant yourself. Two of my favourite books are about pedagogy in society and I recommend you read more about Alberto Boal and Paulo Freire about who defines what is important those who experience it should be all about.


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AS though who know me understand I am a positive person. I share on social media glimpses of my life the happy events. For carers our expectations of what is wonderful are the small things. My 14 year old son tying his school tie for the first time. My eldest son discovering new music are precious to me.

At the moment my caring role and balancing my own health conditions are becoming increasingly difficult. I was in hospital last weekend and know now I have to take things as easy as I can. For us carers easier said than done though. I care for my sons and MIL because I love them and want the best for them. Truth to be told though the things I have had to endure recently would leave many crumpled. I am still standing though but am looking down at a dark chasm.

The good things are a piece of illumination. I will get through this I want too but I wonder. how many carers will survive what 2018 brings. How many people with disabilities who Harmony said impact on economic growth but are forced to work when they are unable too.

So I shall smile and will be okay but think why we post so positively it is because we recognise the. Importance of small things. To be honest I am clinging on and waiting for my health to improve but years of caring have damaged it. So I am blogging to let you know how things are. Be careful out their friends and unpaid carers who have no choice but to take their work home with them and cope. See you when I am more positive.

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Today we remembered armistice day. We hoped World War 2 and indeed all wars would be the last roar. However the world today has never been at peace.

Many of my friends are wearing red poppies and I understand. I was brought up to never wear a red POPPY. My dad told us Earl Haig was just trying to say sorry. I treasure talks with my dad. He was a hard working gentle man. I used to get up with him on a Saturday morning before he went to work. We talked about many things sometimes about the stories his dad had told him about the first world war. He would go to the press full of family member and show me postcards from Passchendale, the medals tin plate toys. He passed on most importantly Webster Family memories. The flame still shines on.

It was he who I first heard the phrase “Economic Conscripts” from. Young working class men from Dundee who followed the drum and were sent to the he’ll of the trenches but dreaming of a better world likeLike many from all over the UK.

My uncle saw service in World War 2. His regiment were among the first at Belsen. My father told me what he had told him and told me to read William Shawcross. Man’s inhumanity to man shook him. Most importantly though he saw the Generals and State as culpable.

On Sunday morning we shall remember. The veterans of World War 2 are fewer but still March. There numbers being replaced by those with visible and hidden disabilities of newer compacts. The wars to end all wars was not a reality.

Many of my friends are wearing red poppies but I will remember by wearing a white one. A POPPY not stained red whie and unblemished. A sign of the world I want. I will remember all those in conflict and pray for peace. A world where we can put the money spent on weapons to better use for the good of us all. Remembering you all todag and always dreaming of a peaceful world. With hope in my heart. Love to you all. Xx
















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Universal Chaos

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On Radical Acceptance (& Not Fixing Your Kid)

Source: On Radical Acceptance (& Not Fixing Your Kid)

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