The Price of Universal Benefits.

First I am not a fan of Katy Price. I have never watched any programme about her so I can make no comment about her character and intend not too. This blog is about why her disabled son Harvey should be able to have the same right to access to services as any other child. Universality must stay.

Apparently Katie Price has been asked recently why she as a multi millionaire should not pay for the taxi to school for Harvey which allegedly costs a 1000 pounds. Don’t get me wrong I am uncomfortable with this as I was uncomfortable with David Cameron receiving care from social services when I know many families struggle. However despite the fact it sucks in my thraw as much as it does yours, I will argue for the right of all children to be entitled to the same as any other child.

Universality is cheaper. All the main Westminster parties want to put an end to universal benefits. The Tories simply blurt out they need to save money while the Labour party talk about “targeting those who need the most help”. By this they mean hardworking families after all not those who the Tories are targeting who because of inability to work are seen as scroungers. One argument used to defend Miss Price is that she has paid her taxes well for me that is forgetting the contribution that unpaid carers contribute to society over ten billion in high quality care.

Just like as back in the eighties single parents who choose to look after their children have become demonized even more. We are all being asked to believe in the myth of so called “welfare queens”. When was the last time you saw on tv a single father on tv being accused of living in luxury of the state? Who asked if father’s should contribute?The truth as research from Oxfam,the Joseph Rowantree foundation is that families struggle to survive and afford the very basics. These include families in work who are the biggest recipient of work aged benefits.

Miss Price’s son should not receive help and support and benefits because his mother is a taxpayer but because he has a record of needs which says which school he should attend. What we should be attacking is the system which means that those with wealth and power have better access to local authorities and government departments. That is the imbalance of power we have to tackle head on and ensure every child with similar needs as Harvey gets the same support as Harvey.

At the moment my son is being considered for his transition to High School. There are many children who need the level of support he needs it is a worrying time for parents as there are too few spaces. This is the kind of universality I will fight for that every child regardless of their parents’ background will be equal. This can never be delivered under the current Westminster government.

There will always be those who can be used as an example of the unfairness of universal benefits but for those few, even if it sticks in our thraws let’s remember the thousand who benefit from them. DLA was meant to help with the extra cost of disability. However universal benefits are the best currant solution to means testing and we should all support them for the sake of all our children.

About sandrassp

I am the mum to two sons who both live with autism. I give glimpses into my life. All views are my own
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