Dear Sam Cam,

I don’t usually read the Daily Mail but I was compelled to read your interview today. Just to say I did not pay for it. You  try and portray a tale of everyday normality and the oxymoron which is “caring conservatism”.

According to you there should be a “safety net” which none can slip through and you spoke movingly of life with your disabled child Ivan and how much he taught you. You struggled to get Ivan into a specialist school. Many of us share your concerns but we worry about how your husbands’s  government’s policies are impacting on so many of our lives.

Cuts to DLA to vulnerable children, the closure of essential services, cutbacks in the NHS are having a huge impact on us. Many more families are at breaking point. I know of families on “high priority” for respite who have been waiting years to get a service. While they care for their loved ones at home with no support.

The thing that surprises me is you genuinely don’t seem to know about these cases despite being a campaigner of contact a family. Why are you so misinformed? Is it a form of Stockholm syndrome where you are only told the facts they want you to hear or do you see the world through tory tinted glasses?

You want your husband to serve for another five years. The very thought though a possible one fills me with dread. Especially when I speculate who some of the coalition partners might be.

I ask you though as a mum to come and meet some of my friends and find out the impact Tory policies are having on our already fragile lives. Your  life in your number 10 flat is a million miles away from our ordinary lives. So come and speak to us not a government advisor or someone paid to represent carers. Come and explain to us why your husband policies are Christian and still have a safety net. I tell you this is not the case.This crucial safety net is being dragged away from under our feet.

I hope you have learned from little Ivan. My boys have taught me so much but have also made me feel compassion for others. I know too I can call on my friends for help they have my back. I don’t think you can understand this or why many have so much contempt for your husband’s policies. People are waking up to the truth now though.

So please come and meet us and hear what is happening directly from us.



About sandrassp

I am the mum to two sons who both live with autism. I give glimpses into my life. All views are my own
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9 Responses to A LETTER TO SAM CAM

  1. Mary jones says:

    Well said Sandra..these guys do not live in the real world..they are so distanced from reality..they actually convince themselves of their own hype..They don’t care anyway..they have their power in ‘high’ places..I just thank God that He sees the heart of man and nothing is hidden from Him..God has a lot to say about the poor..this is a Lazarus moment me thinks..(the rich man and Lazurus one..)

  2. roco2015 says:

    That’s so sad to use the disabled dead child as a ploy to win seats. A dead child. Disabled too. Doesn’t it make you sick. You are right, how do you stomach them?

  3. rubygloomdark says:

    That is a great letter I read the article and I was just bemused by the whole thing especially the we are Christians who treat as we want to be treated I just thought really! And the photos just seemed creepy staged when he was in them I hope you send it

  4. Well said.

    I have to say the way her husband brings up his son to end conversation and debate makes me physically sick.

  5. Brian Evans says:

    The answers quite simple, she has never had to struggle for cash, this is where the Cameron’s and Duncan Smith both fail. They both have never had to scrimp to find money to buy anything, both don’t know what its like to go without due to having no money. A good sharp eye opening lesson could be learned by them both if they tried to live on a low income for 3 months, then they may have a different opinion in life.

  6. The government don’t give a crap they need to live in the real world not that fantasy world this not narnia

  7. Susan Baker says:

    Today I have been informed swimming, gym, dance classes etc are classed as activities and not exercise that my 21 year old disabled daughter (has Downs Syndrome with learning disabilities) relies on to keep her weight down (hypothyroidism) and she must find the money herself to attend and pay for someone to support her. Unfortunately a so called christian person sacked her from the voluntary job she had in a church cafe 2 hours one day a week, for being 7 minutes late (was dependent on staff to get her there safely on time) The vicar thought she could sign a contract, clearly no idea of the mental capacity act !! What future is there in this country when the politicians have no idea what we cope with day after day, year after year to support our children

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